Advocacy Resources

Since advocacy is such a powerful tool for bringing about meaningful change in our communities and societies, we wanted to share some of our resources with you, so you can go out and be powerful and effective advocates for social justice.

How to Find Congress Bills

We have made a small pamphlet to guide you on how to easily find meaningful Congress bills that you can advocate for, no matter what social justice issue you are tackling, so you can be the advocate for change that you aspire to be!

How to Write Policy Proposals

Policy proposals are a great way you can pitch ideas of your own for future policies or help patch gaps and loopholes in existing laws, and they have become a cental aspect of what we do at the California Water Conservancy. Use this guide to create some of your own!

What to Say in Legislative Meetings

Sure, you have all your prep material. But what do you actually say at a legislative meeting? We have outlined what you need to say in order to get your point across so you can effectively advocate for the legislation you support.

How a Bill Becomes a Law (State)

We have provided you with an outline of the statewide legislative process so you can be more informed as you write your talking points and policy proposals and lobby to your local legislators. Feel free to share these slides to help spread education about this critical democratic process.