Human-caused pollution, from motor oil and antifreeze to solid wastes like single-use plastics, cause substantial havoc to bio-organisms. Vegetation growth in riparian corridors – natural barriers for erosion and flooding comprised of native plants – are decimated by continued urban sprawl and callous human vandalism. By cleaning up waterways, California Water conservancy offers a proactive approach to combat waterway destruction and restore balance to Northern California’s natural aquatic ecosystems.

Our Current Focus

Creek Cleanups

One primary aspect of our cleanup efforts is focused on creek cleanups, especially at Coyote Creek in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

Creek Cleanups

Our work has focused on cleaning up various parts along Silicon Valley's Coyote Creek, picking up around 120 bags of trash each time along with shopping carts, bicycles, scooters, discarded furniture, and other various larger trash items. Coordinating and partnering with other local nonprofits as well as the city and county, we seek to make the largest impact possible by joining together with these like-minded organizations to accomplish our shared goal of cleaning up our local creeks. It is important now more than ever to practice good conservation techniques to protect our water resources, as they are projected to get scarcer in the future with the advent of anthropogenic climate change and dramatic population growth.

Photo Gallery

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo Interview at Cleanup